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Recruit Executive Agent holds more than 45 experienced consultants who are fully familiar with their assigned industries.

As a member of Recruit group and by utilizing our huge global network, we introduce you the most suitable managerial/executive level personnel for your needs in and out of Japan.

  • ˆÀ•” Ÿ•F Masahiko Abe
  • V–à ”Ž’Ê Hiromichi Aramomi
  • Žsì ‹MŒ[ Takahiro Ichikawa
  • ˆÉ“Œ Œb— Eri Ito
  • ˆÉ“¡ –Mˆê Kunikazu Ito
  • ˆäã kì Kousaku Inoue
  • ãŒ´ GŽ÷ Hiroki Uehara
  • ‰ª ³“ñ Shoji Oka
  • t“ú ‘ Kuni Kasuga
  • •ÐŽR —T”ü Hiromi Katayama
  • Œ“Žq Œõ•v Mitsuo Kaneko
  • ‰Í–{ ŽÀ—¢ Minori Kawamoto
  • ‹væ Œ’ŽŸ Kenji Kunori
  • ¬’r —´ˆê˜Y Ryuichiro Koike
  • ŒÃ‰Æ —æŽq Reiko Koga
  • ¬ŽR@“NŽj Satoshi Koyama
  • â–{ ³–¾ Masaaki Sakamoto
  • ŽÂŒ´ —Y“ñ˜Y Yujiro Shinohara
  • —§‰Ô ‘וF Yasuhiko Tachibana
  • ’J ‘å•ã Daisuke tani
  • “y‰® Fˆê˜Y Kouichiro Tsuchiya
  • “y‹ KŽ¡ Koji Doi
  • ’†“c Œ’•F Takehiko Nakata
  • ’†‘º ˆê³ Kazumasa Nakamura
  • ¼“c –¾‹I Aki nishida
  • •l –ƒŽq Asako Hama
  • •½–ì ‘ì¶ Takuo Hirano
  • •Ÿ–{ Œ[ Kei Fukumoto
  • “¡ˆä C Osamu Fujii
  • “¡ì ’m–¤ Tomomi Fujikawa
  • –x] M–ç Nobuya Horie
  • –xŒû •x Tomu Horiguchi
  • ‰v“c ‹g•F Yoshihiko Masuda
  • ŠÛ‰ª G Hiroshi Maruoka
  • ŠÛŽR Ÿ‰p Katsuhide Maruyama
  • ŽO’J ŒO Kaoru Mitani
  • …Œû Žu”T Shino Mizuguchi
  • ‘ºã ‚µ‚Ù‚è Shihori Murakami
  • X–{ ‹Ms Takayuki Morimoto
  • ˆÀ“c ‰h”| Hideyasu Yasuda
  • ŽR‰º “§ Toru Yamashita
  • ŽRŽº LK Hiroyuki Yamamuro
  • —Sì ‹žŽq Masahiro Yoshino
  • ‹g–ì «O Kyoko Yukawa
  • ˜e–{ ² Akira Wakimoto
  • “nç² ”Žˆê Hirokazu Watanabe
  • “nç² –ƒ— Mari Watanabe
  • “n•” —mŽq Yoko Watanabe


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Recruit Executive Agent will create an "executive market" by building a network of strong-willed business leaders through executive search and head-hunting.