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Recruit Executive Agent will introduce you to the most suitable personnel from our enormous executive personnel network backed by Recruit's global brand RGF and the partnership with B? L?, the largest executive firm in China.

We will be your best partner in recruiting global executives in Asian countries by offering solutions for your human resources issues in overseas expansion and corporate globalization.

Recruit Group's Asian Network

The largest network in Asia. We continue to expand our business, centering on Asia, and strive to provide the recruitment assisting services in the Japanese language and with Japanese quality.


Business expansion in overseas countries with different habitual economic activities, legal affairs, and tax affairs is not easy; however, we have built a network of abundant executive level personnel with extensive knowledge and experience in these markets. We will introduce you Japanese executive candidates with business experience, know-how, and understanding of these areas, or those who are fluent in Japanese, English, and other local languages.

  1. 1From an operating officer in charge of overseas market at a first-section-listed cosmetics manufacturer to an operating officer of a first-class-listed, long-established confection manufacturer
    The client was falling behind other food manufacturer in overseas development; however, they decided to invite personnel with successful experience in a consumables business in Asia to triple the sales overseas in three years on the background of harsh situation in Japan, such as the aging population and declining birth rate.
    Although the candidate was extremely busy, making overseas business trips for more than half of the year, every person of the client from the chairman to the officer in charge of HR flexibly arranged interviews for the candidate. The client asked him to put his over 20 years of experience in the growing Asian market, and he accepted the offer. Market expansion in China is especially expected.
  2. 2From a director of a major Japanese medical equipment company to a project leader of global management strategies at a medical equipment manufacturer listed on JASDAQ
    During a regular meeting with the client's president, our consultant drew out the client's latent need for personnel to handle the formulation of management strategies at their overseas subsidiary and development of the Chinese market.
    Being over 60 and expecting a mandatory retirement soon, the candidate decided to join the client since he judged, based on the meetings with the client's management, that his knowledge and experience would be of great use for them in expanding business territory in Asian countries including China, Korea, and Singapore. He aims to triple their sales in the future and is going to be assigned to many projects directly under the president.
  3. 3From a vice president of a Brazilian subsidiary of a major Japanese general trading company to a representative candidate for a Brazilian subsidiary of a major Japanese general heavy machinery manufacturer
    Due to hyperinflation and a monetary crisis, the client was forced to withdraw from Brazil where they had established a strong presence; however, they decided to re-enter the Brazilian market for the first time in over 10 years and decided to invite a successor of the current president to accelerate the business.
    The candidate's previous company had held a strong position in Brazilian market, but they began falling behind of other trading companies due to the impacts of financial deterioration in Japan and mergers. He joined the client to put his experience to use at a higher level for the client's re-entry. This is one of the results of our retained search service on the other side of the planet.
  4. 4From an operating officer of a mega-size American pharmaceutical company to an executive operating officer of a first-section-listed medical firm
    The client decided to invite a medical doctor who could control the safety information of the U.S., Europe, and the entire Asian region from the headquarters in Japan because they needed to improve global management of the safety information division to respond to the market conditions, such as introduction of new products to the markets.
    The candidate had had an excellent career in Europe, the U.S., and Japan as a medical doctor at multiple foreign healthcare companies. The client expected a lot from him and added a pharmaceutical division to his responsibility besides the safety information division initially planned. Although the client had a different salary system from those of foreign corporations, he decided to join the client since the client speedily made arrangements for his requests. Another reason which contributed to his decision was the fact that the scope of his work would expand from only the Japanese market assigned at the previous company to the overall management of global market.
  5. 5From a general marketing manager of a Chinese subsidiary of a major Japanese optics manufacturer to a president of a Chinese subsidiary of a first-section-listed major food manufacturer
    The client was not very successful in developing a joint venture in China and was trying to rebuild their business from Shanghai. The client decided to invite personnel with experience in establishing a business, including opening an office, because they did not have competent personnel in the company.
    The client invited the candidate because he had an understanding of the commercial distribution in China and had been accomplishing a wide range of projects from marketing and sales to operation management for nearly 20 years despite adverse conditions, such as the ban on importing products manufactured in Japan. His aggressive attitude and experience in establishing sites in China were highly evaluated.
  6. 6From CFO of an overseas subsidiary of major Japanese shipping company to an international administrative manager of a Chinese subsidiary
    The client decided to invite a competent personnel from outside in order to strengthen the administrative divisions of a Chinese subsidiary, which was the client's investment destination, in anticipation of further growth of the automobile parts market in China.
    The candidate had extensive experience as CFO at the Chinese subsidiary. He also had extensive experience in managing Chinese executives. Although there were several other candidates introduced by other agencies, he received the highest evaluation for his amazing personality, capacity, and flexibility. Knowing that he will be challenging a totally different industry, he happily joined the client.
  7. 7The client invited a candidate from outside for the executive position at an Indonesian subsidiary of a Japanese supplier company
    With the global share expansion, productivity improvement, and cost optimization under way on a global scale in cooperation with their partner European supplier company, the client consulted us regarding the possibility of inviting a candidate for president at their Indonesian subsidiary.
    The candidate had worked for Indonesian subsidiaries of several Japanese supplier companies. He contacted our consultant because although he was working at a factory in China as a manufacture division manager, he became obliged to look for employment in Southeast Asia due to family circumstances. Although the client was looking for a candidate for president at a local subsidiary, he joined the client as a candidate for a factory manager as he requested.
  8. 8From a manager of a factory in China owned by a first-section-listed, long-established major electric equipment manufacturer to a candidate for a manager of a factory in Vietnam owned by a listed precision equipment manufacturer which has the No.1 product in the world
    The client is a company with aggressive development strategies for global production. They have been making diversified investments appropriate for avoiding country risks which might be caused by concentrating on a specific country/region. They decided to recruit candidates to be factory managers in countries that are expected to have economic growth in the future.
    As a director of the headquarters of a semi-conductor manufacturer owned by a major electric equipment manufacturer, the candidate had been holding a position as a factory president in China. He joined the client since he thought that his experience could be put to use in the development of production sites as well as organizational improvement for manufacture-related personnel at factories with the client's business expansion in Asia.


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