We introduce you to managerial/executive level personnel on a contingent fee basis.
For corporations considering hiring executive candidates or administrative personnel, we make offers on a contingent fee basis. We will introduce suitable executive personnel to you as quickly as possible from our network, the largest executive personnel network in Japan.

Since our establishment in 2001, we have been specializing in the introduction of managerial/executive level personnel, have introduced more than 2,500 of them, and have the largest executive personnel data base in Japan with over 250,000 personnel.

Recruit group's highly experienced consultants will speedily introduce the most suitable personnel to client corporations.

The sophisticated and a wide range of know-how of Recruit Career, the largest career change support services provider in Japan, has been specifically tailored for executives. Thereby we provide the most suitable and precise match between client corporations and those who are seeking career change.



Recruit Executive Agent's unique Executive Search
In addition to the existing contingent fee based personnel introduction service, we added an executive search business in 2010 in response to client demand.

Utilizing Recruit group's worldwide network and Recruit Executive Agent's unique search methods, we search for executive level personnel who are capable of controlling a business.

Based on your needs at the time of business succession, generational change, overseas business expansion, M&A, new business entity establishment, and other situations, our headhunters with plentiful experience in executive search will introduce you to executive level personnel who excel in business management and promotion.



Retained Search Service (Technical Positions)
We headhunt engineers (technical specialists) who are difficult to invite from outside. Recruit Executive Agent searches for engineers who will take a central role in rare technologies of manufacturers.

Our headhunters have searched for and discovered the largest number of technical personnel in manufacturing industry and high-tech sector, such as CTO (Chief Technical Officer) as well as laboratory chief level personnel in particular areas, and they will introduce you the most suitable personnel for revitalization of your existing business, quick inauguration of new businesses, and other projects.


We introduce you part-time consultants and advisors.
We, as a company specializing in managerial/executive level personnel, introduce you to those with general managerial experience, know-how in specific fields, and personal connections as part-time consultants or advisors.

Among the executives with whom we have been keeping contact, a large number of them who are reaching their age of retirement, yet possess general management experiences, know-how in special fields, and wide personal connections. We can introduce you to these executives as part-time consultants or advisors for your needs.


For corporate bodies

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For individuals

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A message from Recruit Executive Agent

Recruit Executive Agent will create an "executive market" by building a network of strong-willed business leaders through executive search and head-hunting.