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Levels of positions and areas of our services


We offer personnel introduction services specializing in managerial/executive level personnel, such as president, director, CEO, COO, CFO, other operating officers, and business division managers.

Our executive network consists mainly of:

  • - Those who are currently working as directors, operating officers, or division managers
  • - Business leaders as well as leaders of corporate planning and administrative division
  • - Specialists with special skills

We are committed to providing new stages for those with passion, a sense of responsibility, discipline, competence, and strong motivation to learn, grow, and accomplish, as well as for those who has been showing strong performances in their fields of management built on trust, while placing importance on sharing the same visions with the companies to which they belong.

The diagram below shows the relationship between different levels of positions and the services we provide.



For corporate bodies

Contact us from the button below if you are a corporation intending to hire an managerial/executive level personnel.


For individuals

Contact us from the registration button below if you would like to consult us about managerial/executive level career change.


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