Here are some of the encounters between executives and client corporations.


  1. 1From a major Japanese general trading company to a president of a Japanese arm of a European device manufacturer
    The client succeeded in conversion to the service business which the previous president launched and they began making a high revenue. With the retirement of the previous president, they would like to invite personnel from outside as a president who is capable of making a newly purchased business profitable early.
    The candidate was a general manager of a general trading company and had experience as a president of IT subsidiary, semi-conductor subsidiary, and other companies of the trading company. He was seeking new opportunities outside since he was approaching retirement age in a few years. We introduced to the client many different personnel as candidates, yet the client's CEO decided to recruit this candidate for his ability to make a breakthrough. The client added over 5 million yen to the candidate's annual salary, and he accepted the offer.
  2. 2From an operating officer of a major listed electrical equipment manufacturer to an operating officer of a listed, long-established chemical products manufacturer (to be a director at the next general meeting)
    The client was formulating a medium-term management plan towards a major milestone coming in a few years and consulting us about necessary human resources strategies to accomplish their goal, and we introduced to them suitable personnel as a general manager for their new business.
    The candidate had been promoting overseas expansion centering on Asia, with long years of technical background in handling chemical products that are used for electrical appliances, and had handled the establishment of overseas factories as well as the closing of several factories. We made a proposal as he retired and was seeking a new opportunity outside, and he accepted the offer.
  3. 3From a governmental financial institution to a deputy representative of a Japanese arm of a Brazilian national company, then to a listed major general heavy machinery corporation as general manager for South American area
    The client was looking for a successor for the president of the local corporation in Brazil, and the position was newly opened during the course of the interviews between the client and the candidate.
    The candidate was a representative of the Rio de Janeiro office of a governmental financial institution. He led financial projects and many other projects not only in Brazil but also in Mexico and Argentina. He wanted to use his strategic ability in projects with larger scales and responsibility, and accepted the offer.
  4. 4From a president & managing director of a recruitment company's subsidiary to COO of a 5-year-old Internet/Mobile company
    To place a dispatching of temporary workers, such as designers, planners, and producers, as the core of their new business, the client decided to invite a professional from outside who had a wide network and excellent records as COO in the temp-worker dispatch industry.
    The client initially wanted a general manager level personnel for the early establishment of temp-worker dispatch business; however, the client's president proposed to invite the candidate as vice president , which was a higher position than general manager, based on the candidate's exceptional background. He thought he was a good fit for the client and decided to join.
  5. 5From an independent food service consultant to a president & managing director of a real estate group's food service subsidiary
    The client had been operating their food service subsidiary by sending officers from the group; however, the client wanted to make further growth/reform by inviting highly experienced personnel in the industry from outside and by assigning them with overall management with a view to operational conversion and new store development.
    The candidate had been handling corporate strategies as an independent consultant at several food service corporations for the last few years; however, the encounter with the client re-ignited his mind, and he accepted the offer.

  1. 1From a major city bank to a director of a service company, then to an administrative division manager of a venture company intending to make an IPO
    After 7 years from their foundation, the client decided to invite a new administrative division manager from outside due to various reasons, including the improvement of the administrative divisions in preparation for the coming IPO.
    Although his desired work location was limited and the proposed salary did not reach his desired amount, he accepted the offer because he felt potential in the client and had an aspiration for IPO work, which he could not realize in the past.
  2. 2To a start-up member (financial manager) with the establishment of a joint venture with a Chinese IT corporation
    With the establishment of a joint venture with a Chinese corporation, the client decided to invite an experienced financial manager who could communicate with the Chinese corporation in preparation for the future consolidation.
    After working as a general trading company's chief accountant and a controller of an overseas local corporation, the candidate was managing many projects as a project leader of a business revitalization consulting firm. His global perspective, experience as CEO, and management capability were highly evaluated and he joined the client.
  3. 3To a CFO candidate at a listed Internet advertisement company
    After their consolidated sales reached 10 billion yen, the client decided to invite a business partner for their president in preparation for M&A, overseas expansion, and new business development in the future.
    The candidate changed his career from a securities company to a business company, and was working as CFO of a mobile services company which had recently been listed on an emerging market. He was seeking for corporations intending to expand overseas. His intention matched the client's direction, and he accepted to join the client as a deputy general manager.
  4. 4From an operating officer/administrative manager of a listed retail company to a financial manager of a long-established domestic machinery company aiming to be listed again
    Although the client had been unlisted due to purchase by a foreign company, they were aiming to be relisted after the dissolution of the capital relationship, and decided to invite personnel with experience in IPO promotion and with excellent financial division management ability.
    The candidate had 20 years of financing and accounting experience at a chemical products manufacturer as well as experience listing on the 2nd division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He had recently led the relocation of headquarters, sales management system consolidation, and speeding up of account settlement as an operating officer/administrative manager of a listed retail company. Although he had another offer from a different fund, he decided to join the client based on the client's business background.
  5. 5A request from a fund (recruitment of CFO for a real estate corporation which is the fund's investment destination)
    The investment destination was growing at a surprisingly rapid rate with its strong sales force. The client decided to send CFO as a supervisor to organize and strengthen the internal system.
    The candidate had experience as CFO and president in the real estate industry. Although he had offers from other listed companies, he chose a more challenging one to support the client's further growth and to make further personal growth.

  1. 1From CIO of a major overseas SPA in the U.S. to a CIO of a holding company handling material-related products
    Under a 2-year plan, the client decided to invite a CIO for the holding company on an exclusive basis to formulate a global system, including overseas subsidiaries in Asia.
    The client's president speedily made arrangements at the time of the candidate's return to Japan. Although he was from a different industry, he satisfied the client's requirements. Though the process was short, they had good interviews, and the client's sincere attitude as well as the provision of the industry information gathered from various reliable sources contributed to his decision to join the client.
  2. 2From an associate partner of a strategic consulting firm to a technology consulting manager of a major Japanese sales assisting company
    The client has many major listed corporations as their clients. They needed to strengthen the consulting division to deal with high-tech IT solutions and globalization, and decided to invite competent personnel to work under a foreign CIO.
    A senior consultant with many successful business revitalization results. The candidate wished to dedicate his next 10 years to leading a business company to success. He decided to join the client because he felt that the client offered an opportunity for him to take part in business revitalization, growth, and development on a global scale.
  3. 3From an information system manager of a first-section-listed financial service corporation to an information division manager of a general incorporated foundation
    The client made a request exclusively to us to introduce to them competent personnel in order to strengthen all divisions along with the renewal of the internal system.
    As an operational officer at a first-section-listed financial service corporation, the candidate had controlled 400 system personnel, including those of cooperative firms. He excelled at applying management strategies into systems according to corporate domains. He decided to join the client because he thought he could put his experience to use.
  4. 4A specialized trading company invited a managing director from outside for a mail-order business after MBO
    The mail-order business had been left untouched; however, the client decided to assign a specialized managing director to make a significant efficiency improvement and boost the business with MBO.
    The candidate had a lot of experience in logistics, mail-order sales, and business development. Although he had offers from multiple growing corporations, he chose to join the client based on the fact that they offered an opportunity for him to make full use of his experience and to lead the business from a position close to the management.
  5. 5The client invited a director from outside for an information systems group which was the client's investment destination
    The client had been making an external vendor handle the information system of a food service company, which was the client's investment destination, but there was an urgent need to improve the system, so they decided to invite a director from outside who could swiftly handle new tasks.
    The candidate decided to join the client after working at the information systems division of a foreign IT corporation and in the financial industry. Although he did not have any experience in retail, distribution, and food service, he made preparation more than enough at the interviews to supplement his lack of experience. The fund expected him to contribute to the improvement of the information systems group by applying his special skills.

  1. 1With a promotion of a general manager of a German general electric equipment manufacturer, who had been a candidate we introduced several years ago, a former president of an American arm of a first-section-listed electric equipment manufacturer succeeded the general manager position.
    The current general manager joined the client on referral from us and his promotion has been decided to have him manage another business. The client requested us to introduce to them a successor from outside.
    The candidate had worked for an American corporation for nearly 20 years and managed about 100 billion yen and 500 staff. Fluent in Japanese, English, and German, he promised to commit himself to business promotion in a new place and joined the client.
  2. 2From a general manager of a Japanese subsidiary of the world's leading solar device manufacturer to an operating officer/solar business manager of an major foreign electric equipment manufacturer
    In order to win the No.1 market share in Japan as soon as possible by establishing a solar panel business in Asian countries including Japan, the client decided to invite general manager level personnel from the top 5 overseas solar device manufacturers.
    The candidate was a general manager of a foreign solar device manufacturer who already had had the largest share in the Japanese market. Although he was working hard for the further expansion of the solar device manufacturer's market share, he decided to challenge himself with bigger and more flexible responsibilities, larger scope of authority in formulating an organization, and business development both in Japan and other Asian markets.
  3. 3From a chief marketing executive of a major advertising agency's PR subsidiary to a marketing director of a healthcare marketing company
    The client provides various marketing data to pharmaceutical companies. They decided to invite a director from outside for the establishment of a new project in Japan which had already been implemented in overseas.
    The client initially wanted personnel with experience in PR at a business company; however, they highly valued the candidate's field experience as well as advertising and PR experience at a pharmaceutical company and decided to recruit him. The candidate decided to join the client because he was feeling the limit of his promotion since the officers of the former employee were all sent from a parent company.
  4. 4From a deputy general manager of a major general trading company's subsidiary to a technical sales division manager of a major listed steel manufacturer to be responsible for the establishment of a new business
    The client decided to enter the lithium ion battery (LIB) manufacturing equipment industry by gathering various plant engineering technologies which supported manufacturing lines of various industries, and decided to invite a sales manager from outside who had strong connections with their customers in and out of Japan, such as home appliances and automobile manufacturers.
    The client, who had been temporarily transferred from a major general trading company to a machine equipment subsidiary, had the strong market channel to domestic home appliance manufacturers which the client required. He accepted the client's tentative offer, taking into consideration various situations including the impact of the great earthquake.
  5. 5From a department manager of a foreign telecommunication service provider to a business development director of a foreign semi-conductor manufacturer
    After finishing a structural reform after an acquisition, the client decided to invite sales VP level personnel from outside to separate the sales manager position from the responsibility of the Japanese president.
    The candidate had extensive experience in the telecommunications-related semi-conductor industry. The client initially wanted VP level personnel for a semi-conductor manufacturer, but the candidate was highly evaluated for his connections with many major manufacturers and a potential to create a new business model. The client offered him conditions as a director but he accepted it.

  1. 1From a professional distribution/logistics consultant to an operating director/administrative division manager of an independent retail company
    The client decided to invite personnel to take the top position in business management since the officers, who had supported the first president, were going to retire with the appointment of the second president.
    After a logistics reform at a business company, revitalization of an overseas subsidiary, and working for a strategic consulting firm, the candidate was running his own company. He accepted the client's request to utilize his experiences in distribution-related works, distribution projects of a major general trading company, and an operational improvement project for a home appliances store.
  2. 2From an executive board of a major brewery to an HR director of a major foreign foundry
    The client decided to invite an HR director with high English proficiency on an exclusive basis to strengthen human resources strategies, with the retirement of the personnel who was responsible for human resources, administration, and accounting.
    With his mandatory retirement, the candidate was seeking a new opportunity outside. He was initially looking for a technical position, but flexibly accepted the proposal of our consultants based on the current situation, and joined the client after the interviews with a factory manager in Japan and the director of Asia area.
  3. 3From an HR manager of a first-section-listed major domestic electric equipment manufacturer to an HR manager of a foreign healthcare company
    The client decided to invite personnel who excelled at formulation of HR structure and control of administrative divisions because the CFO had been concurrently serving as an HR manager and hoping someone would be promoted to the position, but the CFO suddenly retired.
    The candidate carried out formulation of HR systems as well as training systems in multiple overseas subsidiaries. Although he had never worked for a foreign corporation before and there were some concerns, he decided to join the client because he thought he could put his experiences to use.
  4. 4From an organizational HR development manager of a JASDAQ-listed beverage retailer to an HR manager of a company specializing in women's apparel
    The client was falling behind in the recruitment of and training for store personnel due to its rapid growth. The client wanted to solve the issues and commence preparation of in-company trainings for executives.
    Consultation started based on a trusting relationship between the candidate and our consultants. The client's president provided the candidate with detailed explanations on corporate vision and missions during interviews. After a tentative decision was made, the client's CFO held good follow-up interviews to resolve the candidate's concerns, and the candidate accepted the offer.
  5. 5From an HR planning manager of a major listed electric equipment manufacturer to an HR manager of an incorporated educational institution
    The client had been carrying out a major reform for four years to deal with the intensifying competition among incorporated educational institutions. They decided to invite an HR division manager to promote an HR system reform towards further business development.
    The candidate consulted us about his career in the future when he reached 50, considering the economic condition and an early retirement option. Although he was not subject to early retirement, he decided to join the client because he sympathized with the school president's relentless effort for reform, hoping to put his experience as an HR professional to use in a new filed.

  1. 1A candidate who had revitalized two factories became a general production manager of an investment destination of a fund
    The client decided to invite a factory revitalization specialist from outside because the management of the client changed from an owner company to a fund, and there was an urgent need to improve productivity, reduce costs, and revitalize the factory.
    The candidate desired to work in Kansai area for personal reasons, but sympathized with the client's employees and business through factory observations. The client made some arrangements for the treatment of the candidate, and the candidate accepted the offer.
  2. 2From a director of a medical equipment manufacturer to a technical manager of a medical equipment business of a major domestic pharmaceutical company's subsidiary
    With the growth of its pharmaceutical division both in and out of Japan, the client decided to invite a technical manager for its subsidiary in developing a medical equipment business and to place it as their core business.
    The candidate had extensive an experience in product development in the medical domain, which the client was planning to enter. He had been interested in disposable equipment development in the domain, so he decided to accept the offer if he were to be given sufficient budget and authority. He will be engaging in the development of products which may significantly reduce the burden on patients.
  3. 3From a general pharmaceutical manager of a foreign pharmaceutical company to a deputy general manager for medical products at a middle-class domestic pharmaceutical company
    The director, who was leading the medical products development division, had been looking for his successor for several years.
    The candidate had clinical development experience at both a major domestic company and a foreign company. He joined the client because the candidate's aspiration to create new products matched the client's desire to expand their own product line-up.
  4. 4From a former technical development manager of a JASDAQ-listed information equipment manufacturer to a product development project leader of the R&D division at a major control equipment manufacturer in Kansai area
    The client obtained information that some engineers were flowing out from the company to which the candidate belonged, so we searched for development manager level personnel for the client.
    The candidate was discovered during a patent analysis on a target corporation. The target corporation was highly valued for its excellent development capacity in the industry, so the candidate decided to join the client on the condition that they would accommodate the candidate's various needs in product development after joining.
  5. 5From a factory manager (branch manager) of a first-section-listed printing company to a general manager for the equipment division (and as an operating officer candidate) of a long-established steel-frame/bridge manufacturer
    The client's president was concurrently serving as the general manager for the equipment division. The client wanted to invite management level personnel with engineer background and understanding of equipment business as an operating officer candidate who could handle the huge responsibility.
    The candidate was an engineer (machinery) with nearly 30 years of experience in the equipment division of a major steel manufacturer. He joined the client because the client's chairman wanted his capability, and because his former employee's president with engineer background, who highly valued him, retired.

  1. 1From a director/vice president of one of the world's largest manufacturer's Japanese subsidiary to a director (administrative manager) of a major domestic SPA company
    To recruit executives to accommodate the expansion of business
    After working as a law firm partner, the candidate worked as an in-house lawyer and then as a director/vice president of a Japanese subsidiary of one of the world's largest foreign manufacturers. He was seeking a job in which he could directly engage in business operation. He joined the client to try the opportunity provided by the client who was aggressively promoting managerial personnel recruitment for business expansion.
  2. 2From a legal group manager of a middle-class domestic pharmaceutical company to the head of the legal section at a middle-class foreign pharmaceutical company
    The client wanted to invite an in-house lawyer who could also provide legal support regarding the pharmaceutical application in Japan.
    Although he had an attorney license in the U.S. and had extensive experience in international legal affairs in multiple pharmaceutical companies, it was a concern that he did not have experience in pharmaceutical application. However, his experience was highly valued by the client's president and during the video conferences with the headquarters. A significant increase in the annual salary was another reason he joined the client.
  3. 3From a representative for legal and contract matters at a visual contents company to the head of the legal section at a foreign entertainment company
    The client decided to invite a new head of the legal section since the previous managerial level personnel they hired in the previous year was not catching up with the company's speedy growth.
    The candidate was a legal personnel specialized in domestic and overseas legal and contract matters. His previous company had decided to withdraw from their overseas business according to their parent company's decision, so he was looking to join a company promoting an overseas business, and the intentions of his and the client fit each other perfectly.
  4. 4From an internal audit group leader of a distribution/retail bank to a compliance officer of an investment company funded by a general trading company, an insurance company, and a bank
    The client decided to invite a CLO candidate who was fully familiar with overall compliance-related works of a financial institution since they needed to have an independent compliance officer for the purpose of the Financial Services Agency's guideline.
    The candidate decided to join the client because he thought that he could use his background as a specialist with experiences in legal matters, compliance, and administrative matters at several companies, including an insurance company and a corporation listed on the first section of JASDAQ, for the mission to take care of the Financial Services Agency's inspection while mainly supervising overall operation of the client company.
  5. 5From a deputy legal manager of a major Japanese automobile manufacturer to a legal manger of a foreign supplier company
    The client was looking for a successor for the current legal manager who was reaching retirement age.
    The candidate had lived in the U.S., had experience in various license agreements for the establishment of joint ventures with Chinese corporations, and had extensive legal experience both in and out of Japan. He joined the client to put his overseas experience to use in the communication with the headquarters in Europe.

  1. 1From a special advisor of a major general trading company to an independent outside director of an automobile parts wholesale/retail company
    Although the client had been maintaining a consistent growth in a niche industry in Japan, they decided to invite an independent outside officer with a sophisticated management viewpoint in order to replace current outside officers and inspire the existing full-time employees and to receive advice regarding the formulation and implementation of overseas growth strategies.
    The candidate is an officer of the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations as well as a member of the world council for international standards. He decided to join the client because this recruitment had no conflict with his previous jobs, he thought he could put his experience to use, and he sympathized with the client's top management who placed importance on what is going on at the worksites.
  2. 2From a president & managing director of a listed nursing care service company to an advisor for a listed real estate group company's strategic subsidiary (to later join the management)
    Our consultant had built a good relationship with the client, and the client's chairman contacted the consultant regarding a recruitment project around the time the candidate was retiring from the previous company.
    Both the client and the candidate placed importance on their understandings towards corporate culture, but the candidate resolved his concerns through several thorough interviews with the client's management. He decided to join the client based on the client's business potential as a group and age distribution of the current management. Having many things in common with the owner/chairman in terms of career also contributed to his decision.
  3. 3From a president & managing director of a pharmaceutical company to a part-time outside director of an old CSO company
    With an organizational reform under way towards being listed on a stock exchange, the client decided to invite personnel with management experience at a pharmaceutical who had a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry in order to push the company to a higher level.
    The candidate desired to work part-time although the client initially expected the client to work as a full-time auditor. The client's management had a good feeling with him, so they offered him a position based on his desire.
  4. 4From an operating officer of a first-section-listed musical instrument manufacturer to a part-time advisor for a foreign power electronics firm
    During a regular meeting with the client's COO, we discovered the client's need to improve reliability as a company by inviting personnel who could be entrusted with controlling of manufacture and product quality.
    The candidate was an expert in production-related matters who had carried out production strategy improvement at a musical instrument manufacturer after working as a president of an electronics division of a major electric equipment manufacturer. He consulted our client since he was seeking a new opportunity to put his experience to use. We introduced him to the president of the client, which was a venture manufacturing company, and he decided to join as a part-time advisor.
  5. 5An executive with experience as a vice president of a major general constructor became an advisor for a housing company with continuing income and profit increase
    The client's need for an advisory personnel came to the surface during a regular meeting between the client's president and our consultant. We introduced the candidate to the client upon confirming their intentions to commence the recruitment project.
    The candidate had held prominent positions, including vice president, at the construction division of a major general constructor. He was initially invited as an advisor, with a plan to join the management in the future, since the client's president as well as operating officers and other officers sought to learn from the candidate's experience.

we have built a network of abundant executive level personnel with extensive knowledge and experience in these markets.

Overseas Business

To expand business, corporations cannot ignore the rapidly growing Asian market as well as other overseas markets in every aspect, including manufacture, development, sales, and marketing.

Business expansion in overseas countries with different habitual economic activities, legal affairs, and tax affairs is not easy; however, we have built a network of abundant executive level personnel with extensive knowledge and experience in these markets. We will introduce you Japanese executive candidates with business experience, know-how, and understanding of these areas, or those who are fluent in Japanese, English, and other local languages.

  1. 1From an operating officer in charge of overseas market at a first-section-listed cosmetics manufacturer to an operating officer of a first-class-listed, long-established confection manufacturer
    The client was falling behind other food manufacturer in overseas development; however, they decided to invite personnel with successful experience in a consumables business in Asia to triple the sales overseas in three years on the background of harsh situation in Japan, such as the aging population and declining birth rate.
    Although the candidate was extremely busy, making overseas business trips for more than half of the year, every person of the client from the chairman to the officer in charge of HR flexibly arranged interviews for the candidate. The client asked him to put his over 20 years of experience in the growing Asian market, and he accepted the offer. Market expansion in China is especially expected.
  2. 2From a director of a major Japanese medical equipment company to a project leader of global management strategies at a medical equipment manufacturer listed on JASDAQ
    During a regular meeting with the client's president, our consultant drew out the client's latent need for personnel to handle the formulation of management strategies at their overseas subsidiary and development of the Chinese market.
    Being over 60 and expecting a mandatory retirement soon, the candidate decided to join the client since he judged, based on the meetings with the client's management, that his knowledge and experience would be of great use for them in expanding business territory in Asian countries including China, Korea, and Singapore. He aims to triple their sales in the future and is going to be assigned to many projects directly under the president.
  3. 3From a vice president of a Brazilian subsidiary of a major Japanese general trading company to a representative candidate for a Brazilian subsidiary of a major Japanese general heavy machinery manufacturer
    Due to hyperinflation and a monetary crisis, the client was forced to withdraw from Brazil where they had established a strong presence; however, they decided to re-enter the Brazilian market for the first time in over 10 years and decided to invite a successor of the current president to accelerate the business.
    The candidate's previous company had held a strong position in Brazilian market, but they began falling behind of other trading companies due to the impacts of financial deterioration in Japan and mergers. He joined the client to put his experience to use at a higher level for the client's re-entry. This is one of the results of our retained search service on the other side of the planet.
  4. 4From an operating officer of a mega-size American pharmaceutical company to an executive operating officer of a first-section-listed medical firm
    The client decided to invite a medical doctor who could control the safety information of the U.S., Europe, and the entire Asian region from the headquarters in Japan because they needed to improve global management of the safety information division to respond to the market conditions, such as introduction of new products to the markets.
    The candidate had had an excellent career in Europe, the U.S., and Japan as a medical doctor at multiple foreign healthcare companies. The client expected a lot from him and added a pharmaceutical division to his responsibility besides the safety information division initially planned. Although the client had a different salary system from those of foreign corporations, he decided to join the client since the client speedily made arrangements for his requests. Another reason which contributed to his decision was the fact that the scope of his work would expand from only the Japanese market assigned at the previous company to the overall management of global market.
  5. 5From a general marketing manager of a Chinese subsidiary of a major Japanese optics manufacturer to a president of a Chinese subsidiary of a first-section-listed major food manufacturer
    The client was not very successful in developing a joint venture in China and was trying to rebuild their business from Shanghai. The client decided to invite personnel with experience in establishing a business, including opening an office, because they did not have competent personnel in the company.
    The client invited the candidate because he had an understanding of the commercial distribution in China and had been accomplishing a wide range of projects from marketing and sales to operation management for nearly 20 years despite adverse conditions, such as the ban on importing products manufactured in Japan. His aggressive attitude and experience in establishing sites in China were highly evaluated.
  6. 6From CFO of an overseas subsidiary of major Japanese shipping company to an international administrative manager of a Chinese subsidiary
    The client decided to invite a competent personnel from outside in order to strengthen the administrative divisions of a Chinese subsidiary, which was the client's investment destination, in anticipation of further growth of the automobile parts market in China.
    The candidate had extensive experience as CFO at the Chinese subsidiary. He also had extensive experience in managing Chinese executives. Although there were several other candidates introduced by other agencies, he received the highest evaluation for his amazing personality, capacity, and flexibility. Knowing that he will be challenging a totally different industry, he happily joined the client.
  7. 7The client invited a candidate from outside for the executive position at an Indonesian subsidiary of a Japanese supplier company
    With the global share expansion, productivity improvement, and cost optimization under way on a global scale in cooperation with their partner European supplier company, the client consulted us regarding the possibility of inviting a candidate for president at their Indonesian subsidiary.
    The candidate had worked for Indonesian subsidiaries of several Japanese supplier companies. He contacted our consultant because although he was working at a factory in China as a manufacture division manager, he became obliged to look for employment in Southeast Asia due to family circumstances. Although the client was looking for a candidate for president at a local subsidiary, he joined the client as a candidate for a factory manager as he requested.
  8. 8From a manager of a factory in China owned by a first-section-listed, long-established major electric equipment manufacturer to a candidate for a manager of a factory in Vietnam owned by a listed precision equipment manufacturer which has the No.1 product in the world
    The client is a company with aggressive development strategies for global production. They have been making diversified investments appropriate for avoiding country risks which might be caused by concentrating on a specific country/region. They decided to recruit candidates to be factory managers in countries that are expected to have economic growth in the future.
    As a director of the headquarters of a semi-conductor manufacturer owned by a major electric equipment manufacturer, the candidate had been holding a position as a factory president in China. He joined the client since he thought that his experience could be put to use in the development of production sites as well as organizational improvement for manufacture-related personnel at factories with the client's business expansion in Asia.


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